The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is one of the EU’s decentralised agencies. These agencies are set up to provide expert advice to the institutions of the EU and the Member States on a range of issues. FRA helps to ensure that the fundamental rights of people living in the EU are protected.
BNHRE is a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP). The FRP is FRA’s ( Fundamental Rights Agency) network of civil society organisations. Through this network, participant organisations can play an active role in the promotion of fundamental human rights in Europe.

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Find out more about the BNHRE`s participation in the FRA Meeting in Vienna

20-23rd of June 2016

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We encourage community asset-building and citizens` growth and engagement through a participatory human rights education, accessible and suitable to the needs of all European citizens and their communities.   


Working towards building a culture of human rights: celebrating diversity, European citizenship and active civic participation, prevention of violence, racism, ethno-centrism, abileism, gender-based discrimination ect.

Our human rights education programs are based on the principles of participatory non-formal education, offering lifelong learning  opportunities to citizens of all ages and communities.

We welcome institutional membership of schools,

non-governmental organizations as well as individual membership of experts and human rights activists.

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Online HRE Library

We have tens of thousands of resources by international organizations and recognized human rights experts. Our videos, periodicals, reference materials, and books are carefully selected to complement the programs and courses offered at our Network. All of our library materials can be checked out and viewed instantly by our members and trainees.


Virtual Learning Platform

All distant learning training programs at the BNHRE are conducted in a virtual learning environment that connects you to your classmates and instructors using an e-learning education system by providing equal virtual access to human rights training courses, programs, tests, resources and assessments, as well as other external HRE resources and links. The BNHRE VLP is also a social space where our trainees and trainers interact through threaded discussions and chat.


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