thematic framework



HRE Programs, directed to the communities as enabling entities: developing and implementing special training programs for specific groups at risk of social exclusion: minorities, immigrants, and refugees, persons with disabilities, people with dependencies, children, young people, women and the elderly. 

About BNHRE -  in a nutshell...

methodological framework

  • Based on participatory non-formal education as a life-long learning process. 
  • Custom-made programs, responding to the learning needs of the communities and the invidual trainees​.
  • Culturally sensitive program design and delivery
  • Expert-led tutoring

​​​Bulgarian Network for Human Rights Education is a national human rights education network comprised of over 120 institutional and individual members carrying out human rights education all over the country.

Bulgarian Network for Human Rights Education works with people from all age groups and backgrounds in formal, non-formal and informal education sectors, and in partnership with NGOs, with government authorities, with artists and educators, in cities and rural locations, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Aims of the Bulgarian Network for Human Rights Education:

- Sharing HRE good practice and lessons learnt
- Sharing HRE resources and materials across the BNHRE and external partners
- Building the capacity of Bulgarian and European HRE actors to conduct effective human rights education
- Facilitating partnership and collaboration across BNHRE and with external partners

BNHRE`s mission:

To strengthen democracy and promote human rights in Bulgaria by enhancing the capacity of civil society to influence political processes and strengthen the rule of law.

​BNHRE advocates for the universality of human rights, and promotes accountability when these rights are denied or undermined. ​ BNHRE works to empower citizens and communities through human rights education to engage in social transformation and promote a culture of human rights for all.

BNHRE stands for a universialist approach to human rights education.

​BNHRE is registered as a non-profit non-governmental organization in the Regional Court of Plovdiv under the Law of the Associations for not-for profit.

BNHRE plegdes itself working for public benefit and it is therefore registered in the Central Register of Ministry of Justice of Republic of Bulgaria for NGOs, working for public benefit.

Bulgarian Network for Human Rights Education is a member of: